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The voice of the Database was provided by Joshua Alan Lindsay.
The voice of Dr. Dan was provided by Lee Daniel.
The voice of the Complainant was provided by Christian Jasper.
The voice of SCP-096 was provided by Jacquelyn Deshchidn.
The voice of Capt.
█████████ was provided by Lisa Hogan.
The voice of D-9031 was provided by Kendra ‘Izzy’ Murray.
The voice of the Control Booth Operator was provided by Spera Crinis.
The voice of the Technician was provided by Oktober Crow.
The voice of O5-1 was provided by Joshua Alan Lindsay.
The voice of O5-█ was provided by Oktober Crow.
The voice of the Security Team Captain was provided by Lee Daniel.
The voice of ER-A was provided by Edward Zimbelman.
The voice of Dr. Oleksei was provided by Romeo Rosales, Jr.
The voice of the MTF-T-1 operative was provided Martin Taylor.
The voice of Big Brother was provided by Brittany Carlton.
The Unknown Voice over loudspeaker was provided by Romeo Rosales, Jr.
The voice of Maj. Jack Wilford was provided by Joshua Alan Lindsay.
The voice of CMSgt. ████ was provided by Breck Wilhite.
The voice of the Reporter was provided by Angela Gimlin.
The voice of the MTF-E-1 operative was provided by Russell Forbes.
The voice of the Junior Researcher was provided by Xtina Pierstomlin.

Item #: SCP-096

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-096 is to be contained in its cell, a 5m x 5m x 5m airtight steel cube, at all times. Weekly checks for any cracks or holes are mandatory. There are to be absolutely no video surveillance or optical tools of any kind inside SCP-096's cell. Security personnel will use pre-installed pressure sensors and laser detectors to ensure SCP-096's presence inside the cell.

Any and all photos, video, or recordings of SCP-096's likeness are strictly forbidden without approval from Dr. ███ and O5-█.

Description: SCP-096 is a humanoid creature measuring approximately 2.38 meters in height. Subject shows very little muscle mass, with preliminary analysis of body mass suggesting mild malnutrition. Arms are grossly out of proportion with the rest of the subject's body, with an approximate length of 1.5 meters each. Skin is mostly devoid of pigmentation, with no sign of any body hair.

SCP-096's jaw can open to four (4) times the norm of an average human. Other facial features remain similar to an average human, with the exception of the eyes, which are also devoid of pigmentation. It is not yet known whether SCP-096 is blind or not. It shows no signs of any higher brain functions, and is not considered to be sapient.

SCP-096 is normally extremely docile, with pressure sensors inside its cell indicating it spends most of the day pacing by the eastern wall. However, when someone views SCP-096's face, whether it be directly, via video recording, or even a photograph, it will enter a stage of considerable emotional distress. SCP-096 will cover its face with its hands and begin screaming, crying, and babbling incoherently. Approximately one (1) to two (2) minutes after the first viewing, SCP-096 will begin running to the person who viewed its face (who will from this point on be referred to as SCP-096-1).

Documented speeds have varied from thirty-five (35) km/h to ███ km/h, and seems to depend on distance from SCP-096-1. At this point, no known material or method can impede SCP-096's progress. The actual position of SCP-096-1 does not seem to affect SCP-096's response; it seems to have an innate sense of SCP-096-1's location. Note: This reaction does not occur when viewing artistic depictions (see Document 096-1).

Upon arriving at SCP-096-1's location, SCP-096 will proceed to kill and [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-096-1. 100% of cases have left no traces of SCP-096-1. SCP-096 will then sit down for several minutes before regaining its composure and becoming docile once again. It will then attempt to make its way back to its natural habitat, [DATA REDACTED]

Due to the possibility of a mass chain reaction, including breach of Foundation secrecy and large civilian loss of life, retrieval of subject should be considered Alpha priority.

Dr. ███ has also petitioned for immediate termination of SCP-096 (see Interview 096-1). Order is awaiting approval. UPDATE: Termination order has been approved, and is to be carried out by Dr. ███ on [DATA REDACTED]. See Incident-096-1-A.

Audio log from Interview 096-1

Interviewer: Dr. ███
Interviewed: Captain (Ret.) █████████, former commander of retrieval team Zulu 9-A
Retrieval Incident #096-1-A


CAPT. █████████: It always sucks ass to get Initial Retrieval duty. You have no idea what the damn thing is capable of besides what jacked up information the field techies can scrape up, and you're lucky if they even tell you the whole story. They told us to "bag and tag." Didn't tell us jacksh*t about not looking at the damn thing.
DR. ███: Could you describe the mission, please?
CAPT. █████████: Yeah, sorry. We had two choppers, one with my team and one on backup with Zulu 9-B and Dr. ██████. We spotted the target about two clicks north of our patrol path. I'm guessing it wasn't facing our direction, else it would have taken us out then and there.
DR. ███: Your report says SCP-096 didn't react to the cold? It was -██o C.
CAPT. █████████: Actually, it was -██. And yes, it was butt naked and didn't so much as shiver. Anyway, we landed, approached the target, and Corporal ██ got ready to bag it. That's when Dr. ██████ called. I turned to answer it, and that's what saved me. The target must have turned and my whole squad saw it.
DR. ███: That's when SCP-096 entered an agitated emotional state?
CAPT. █████████: Yep.

(Interviewed now pauses for a second before continuing)

CAPT. █████████: Sorry. Got the willies for a second.

DR. ███: That's all right.
CAPT. █████████: Yeah. Well, I never saw its face. My squad did, and they paid for it up the ass. (Pauses.)
DR. ███: Could you describe it a little more, please?
CAPT. █████████: Yeah, yeah. It started screaming at us, and crying. Not animal roaring though, sounded exactly like a person. Really f*cking creepy. We started firing when it picked up Corporal ██ and ripped off his leg. God, he was screaming for our help… f*ckin 'A… anyway, we were blowing chunks out of the target, round after round. Didn't do jacksh*t. I almost lost it when it started [DATA EXPUNGED] him.
DR. ███: That's when you ordered the use of an… (Papers are heard moving) AT-4 HEDT launcher.
CAPT. █████████: An anti-tank gun. Started carrying it ever since SCP-███ got loose. I've seen those tear through tanks like tissue paper. Did the same thing to the target.
DR. ███: There was significant damage to SCP-096?
CAPT. █████████: It didn't even f*cking flinch. It kept tearing apart my squad, but with half its torso gone.

(She draws a large half-circle across her torso)

DR. ███: But it was taking damage?
CAPT. █████████: If it was, it wasn't showing it. It must have lost all its organs, all its blood, but it didn't acknowledge any of it. Its bone structure wasn't hurt at all, though. It kept tearing my squad apart.
DR. ███: So no actual structural damage. How many rounds would you say were fired at SCP-096?
CAPT. █████████: At the least? A thousand. Our door gunner kept his GAU-19 on it for at least twenty seconds. Twenty f*cking seconds. That's six hundred .50 caliber rounds pumped into the thing. Might as well been spitting at it.
DR. ███: This is when Zulu 9-B arrived?
CAPT. █████████: Yeah, and my squad was gone. Zulu 9-B managed to get the bag over its head, and it just sat down. We got it into the chopper and got it here. I don't know how I never saw its face. Maybe God or Buddha or whoever thought I should live. The jackass.
DR. ███: We have obtained an artist's depiction of SCP-096's face. Would you like to view it?
CAPT. █████████: (Pauses) You know, after hearing that thing's screams, and the screams of my team, I don't think I want to put a face to what I heard. No. Just… no.
DR. ███: All right, I believe we are done here. Thank you, Captain.

(Chairs are heard moving, and footsteps leave the room. Capt. █████████ is confirmed to have left Interview Room 22.)

DR. ███: Let this be on record that I am formally requesting SCP-096 be terminated as soon as possible.



The requested documentation is restricted to Level 4/096 clearance. Please input security credentials.

[a key card being inserted into a card reader…]

Access Granted.

Document #096-1, of Experiment 096-1

Experiment 096-1 is headed by Dr. Dan. Purpose is to test SCP-096’s abilities while obtaining complete physical description of SCP-096.

D-9031 is a 32-year-old convicted felon and former tattoo artist. D-9031 is placed inside Bathysphere 303-A, which is then lowered in the Tonga Trench off the coast of New Zealand. Position is approximately ███ km from SCP-096’s temporary containment cell at Site ██. The following was recorded via video surveillance inside Bathysphere 303-A, between it and Dr. Dan’s control site on the New Zealand mainland.


Bathysphere 303-A reaches final depth of 10,800 meters.

D-9031: It’s stopped. What now?
DR. DAN: Do you feel fine? No sickness, anything?
D-9031: My ears hurt.
DR. DAN: That should be expected. Now, on your left should be a steel container. Open it, and there will be a manila folder holding several photographs. Open it and describe the first photograph, please.

(D-9031 complies. The camera is located so the photograph cannot be seen.)

D-9031: Nothing. It’s an empty cell.
DR. DAN: Thank you. Please set this photograph face down in the receptacle to your right and look at the next photograph.
D-9031: It’s the same cell, but there’s a… foot in it, I think.
DR. DAN: Describe it, please.
D-9031: Uh… it’s pale and bony. Sorta creepy, actually.
DR. DAN: Place the photograph in the receptacle, face down, and look at the next one.
D-9031: Ok… (pauses) Oh sh*t!
DR. DAN: Describe the photograph.
D-9031: It’s a… I don’t know, some creepy-ass person.
DR. DAN: Describe the photograph, please.
D-9031: Hell, man! It’s pale, has white eyes, and somethin’ f*cked up is happenin’ with its mouth. What the hell is this thing?

At this point, approximately 13:32 standard time, Dr. Dan and Experiment Control is notified that SCP-096 has breached containment. D-9031 is now designated SCP-096-1. The fastest path to SCP-096-1 has been cleared of civilians and other image-capturing devices, and SCP-096 is now being tracked by satellites via tracking collar.

DR. DAN: On your right, there should be another steel container. Open it.
SCP-096-1: It’s a pad of paper and a pencil.
DR. DAN: Yes. Please draw a sketch of the photograph you saw.

(SCP-096-1 mumbles an expletive)

SCP-096-1 spends the next twenty minutes drawing a sketch of the photograph. At the time of completion, SCP-096 is confirmed to be ███ km away from SCP-096-1.

SCP-096-1: I’m done.
DR. DAN: Good. Place the drawing in the receptacle on your left and close the door.

SCP-096-1 complies and the sketch leaves Bathysphere 303-A in a watertight buoyancy container. The other photographs are then incinerated in the onboard incinerator.

SCP-096-1: What now?
DR. DAN: Please stand by.

Forty minutes pass. SCP-096 is now confirmed to be at SCP-096-1’s position and is diving. Transponder signal ends at 9,339 meters as pressure goes beyond the device’s operational limits.

SCP-096-1: (Sighs) Doc, how much longer do I gotta be down here? What else I gotta do?

(No response.)

SCP-096-1: Doc, are you there?

(A banging sound is heard, and the camera shows the bathysphere shaking slightly.)

SCP-096-1: Oh f*ck! sh*tsh*tsh*t! What the f*ck is that?!

(SCP-096 is on the hull and is visible through the viewport.)

SCP-096-1: THAT THING IN THE PICTURE IS HERE! f*ckf*ck, sh*t, get me outta here get me outta here DOC HELP ME! HELP!

(The hull is breached and the crushing rush of water quickly drowns out all other audio. The onboard recording equipment is destroyed and the feed cuts out.)


Following Experiment 096-1, SCP-096 is recovered by surface recovery team Foxtrot-303-A without incident. Sketch of SCP-096 is also recovered, and a quick test confirms no hostile reaction from SCP-096.

Sketch is sent to Experiment Control in New Zealand while SCP-096 is moved to permanent containment.


Incident 096-1-A


Security footage of Research and Containment Sector 096 on [DATE REDACTED] at [TIME REDACTED].


In the footage, a large steel cube is shown in the middle of a research lab, which is teeming with a dozen or so researchers. In view of the camera is a control booth, displaying readings from the various sensors inside the cube.

Security tape is advanced one minute, thirty-two seconds.

(The control booth operator leans forward, alerted to the various readings on the sensors.)

CONTROL BOOTH OP.: Uh, report?
TECHNICIAN: Sensors are tripping across the container. It’s running around in there. It’s been agitated somehow.
CONTROL BOOTH OP.: Get security on standby—— sh*t. Get security in here now.

(Technician phones security.)

A steel wall on the containment cube receives a sizable dent bending outward. The dent becomes larger before breaking. SCP-096, its face blurred out in the video as per containment protocol, is seen bending the steel away, frantically trying to escape.

(Breach alarm is sounded.)

Two security teams enter the room as SCP-096 breaks out of containment. Live rounds and tranquilizer darts are fired to no visible effect.


COMPLAINANT: Approximately 90% of researchers and security personnel had directly viewed SCP-096’s face, and a Code Lima is declared. The room and surrounding areas were sealed and flushed with ██-class nerve agent. Approximately two minutes later SCP-096 breached Research Site ██ and traveled ██ km/h through the outside desert, traveling ████.
COMPLAINANT: Anything to add, Doctor?
DR. DAN: (Sighs, pauses) Echo Romeo was assigned to immediate containment breach. When we realized just how big a breach we were dealing with, we were completely overwhelmed. Funny, how even the best and brightest minds in the world can be so unprepared.
COMPLAINANT: So you are saying it is your own fault?
DR. DAN: Absolutely not. This was a new discovery in SCP-096’s behavior. We had no way to know, and we are lucky it did not turn into an XK.
O5-1: Continue with the presentation, please.

HelmCAM Footage from Echo Romeo-1.


Footage from inside a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter shows SCP-096 on the desert floor, moving at considerable speed.

ER-A: This is Echo Romeo-Actual. We have visual of the target! [Unintelligible] …at [DATA EXPUNGED] knots and increasing!

(ER-A listens to the radio as orders are relayed.)

O5-█: That is Dr. Dan relaying orders to ER-A, correct?

SCP-096 can be seen slowly gaining speed.

ER-A: Copy, sir!

ER-A motions off camera. ER-3 appears, holding a modified XM500 anti-materiel rifle. Two shots are fired; the first misses and the second hits SCP-096 in the lower leg. SCP-096 stumbles but recovers. Speed change is insignificant.

ER-A: [Unintelligible] …peat no effect on the target!

(ER-A motions to ER-3 again.)

Two more shots miss, and a third hits SCP-096 in the head. SCP-096 falls, skids, and rolls several times, reducing its speed minimally. SCP-096 rolls to its feet and continues unabated.

ER-A: Still no effect on the target! Moving to rendezvous [unintelligible].

Camera pans up to see eight V-22 Ospreys (belonging to MTF Tau-1) flying overhead and past the helicopters on the same outbound vector as SCP-096.


Video interview log 096-1-A with Dr. Oleksei [REDACTED].


(Dr. Oleksei appears very calm, determined, and answers all questions slowly and deliberately.)

COMPLAINANT: Where were you exactly at the time of breach?
DR. OLEKSEI: In the break room, getting a cup of coffee. It was pure luck I wasn’t caught in the containment area.
COMPLAINANT: Describe your actions directly after the containment breach.
DR. OLEKSEI: I sent Echo Romeo after SCP-096 and alerted Dr. Dan to the situation. We then set upon the task of locating SCP-096-1. Once the general direction of SCP-096 was determined, I sent Mobile Task Force Tau-1 ahead to evacuate civilian population centers in SCP-096’s path. All according to containment protocol.

Video interview log 096-1-B with Dr. Daniel “Dan” [REDACTED].


COMPLAINANT: For the record, where were you exactly during SCP-096’s containment breach?
DR. DAN: In the [DATA EXPUNGED] Mountain Range, trying to find more information on SCP-096’s origins. It was a quick research expedition, so I left Dr. Oleksei in charge of containment. He is competent enough, if a bit… eager, and has proved himself in the past. This is all confirmed by the various related paperwork, so don’t go thinking——
COMPLAINANT: It was just for the record, doctor. Now, knowing that SCP-096 is immune to all known forms of damage while in an enraged state, why would you order the sniper attacks from the emergency response team?
DR. DAN: Why not? If there was a chance to slow down SCP-096 and give MTF-Tau-1 more time, then we had to try it. It put ER in no danger and the choppers were in danger of being outrun anyway. Honestly, ER could do little else to help or harm the situation.
COMPLAINANT: I see. Now, could you explain these goggles?

(Complainant motions to the goggles lying on the table. Dr. Dan picks them up.)

DR. DAN: Yes. This is Project SCRAMBLE, an eyepiece we assigned to ER and MTF-Tau-1, designed by Dr. Oleksei and myself specifically for SCP-096. It carries a small microprocessor which constantly analyzes the viewing field for the facial features of SCP-096. Facial recognition software inside instantly identifies them, scrambling the image into an unrecognizable mess before the light reaches the human eye. It’s quite ingenious, really.
COMPLAINANT: And expensive.
DR. DAN: Very.

(Dr. Dan drops the goggles onto the table.)

DR. DAN: Which is why it’s such a shame it didn’t work.


Communication between MTF Tau-1 and modified EG-3 Sentry AWACS, call sign “Big Brother”.


MTF-T-1: Ospreys in the air, moving [DATA EXPUNGED] at [DATA EXPUNGED]. Awaiting vector.
BIG BROTHER: Electronics online, cruising altitude reached. Uploading program SCRAMBLE to all camera systems… cameras online. Big Brother is now watching.
MTF-T-1: What outbound vector is the target currently heading?
BIG BROTHER: Target is currently westbound… traveling on… sh*t. Yeah, it’s on the I-40. I think it just flipped a semi. Um, outbound vector is… [DATA EXPUNGED] degrees by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Next town on this vector is… [DATA EXPUNGED]. I’d say a couple hundred kilometers. sh*t… Tau-1, we’re suggesting ER begin evacuating the I-40. I don’t know how many cars the target has wrecked.
MTF-T-1: Hold on. That’s a negative, Big Brother. ER is reporting that the target is outrunning her choppers. They can’t get ahead of [it].
BIG BROTHER: Then get them to stop the motorists on the other lane… I don’t know how many people have seen this thing’s face.


The first three elements of Tau-1 succeeded in gathering the townsfolk in the first three towns without incident. SCP-096-1 was confirmed to not be in any of these when SCP-096 ran through each in turn without stopping. However, a video log in MTF-Tau-1 shows SCP-096-1 being identified in the town of [DATA EXPUNGED], and the ensuing incident.
O5-1: Show it.

HelmCAM footage from Element 4 of MTF-Tau-1, in the town of [DATA EXPUNGED].


Most of the townspeople are gathered in the square, all blindfolded. Helicopters sweep the town.

(Indistinct orders are heard over loudspeakers from both the helicopters and ground personnel.)

MTF-T-1 (Over TauCOM radio and loudspeakers): The target is entering proximity zone! All units activate SCRAMBLE gear and begin crowd control procedures! All civilians are not to move from their spot or remove their blindfolds! If you move or touch your blindfold you will be shot! I repeat, all civilians are not to move, or remove their——

(Orders are drowned out by a loud shriek coming from outside the camera’s view)

Approximately two kilometers away, SCP-096 is seen cresting a hill. It tries to slow down on the descent but trips and tumbles down at high speed, crashing through several houses before regaining its footing almost without delay.

(Chaos breaks out in the crowd.)

UNKNOWN VOICE (Over loudspeakers): [Unintelligible] …civilians are not to move! You will be shot! I repe… [Unintelligible]

Several shots are heard, none of which are directed at SCP-096. SCP-096 stops for one second before running into the crowd of townsfolk, throwing many aside and trampling more.

SCP-096 locates SCP-096-1, a middle-aged man, and SCP-096 grabs him before the camera is hit by a fleeing townsperson and is dislocated from the helmet.


Video interview log 096-1-C with Major Jack Wilford (Current commander of MTF Tau-1).


WILFORD: I was looking through SCP-096-1’s house with my squad. Poor bastard was a semi-pro mountaineer, took a trip to the █████████. Apparently he took a snapshot of the landscape, and just happened to catch SCP-096 in the background.

(Wilford holds up four fingers for emphasis.)

WILFORD: Four pixels. Four f*cking pixels. I doubt the guy even knew what he saw. He was probably just looking at the picture one day, noticed an off-color patch of snow, and went on with his day.
COMPLAINANT: How did you find it?
WILFORD: Our SCRAMBLE gear picked it up right away. The lieutenant got the picture and took it down to the chopper before I ever got to see it. By then the damn monster had taken down Big Brother and it had peeled open the [former] Major’s Stryker. All hell was breaking loose.
COMPLAINANT: So the SCRAMBLE gear was ineffective?
WILFORD: Ineffective? The goddamn SCRAMBLE were pieces of sh*t that killed the whole damn task force. You know only three people are alive besides me? All because some r****d egghead thought of a “state-of-the-art countermeasure to SCP-096’s hostile reaction.” Those bloody idiots could have just put a bag over the target’s head and be done with it but no, we had to use state-of-the-f*cking-art SCRAMBLE.


DR. DAN: (Sighs)

Continuation of Interview 096-1-B:

DR. DAN: What did that f*cker call me?

(Dr. Dan pushes back from the table and begins standing up)

DR. DAN: I’ll show that goddamn son of a bitch what an egghead is after I bash open his f*cking——

(Two guards enter the room and push Dr. Dan back into the seat.)

COMPLAINANT: Do we need to administer a sedative, doctor?

(Dr. Dan takes a breath and smooths his coat.)

DR. DAN: No, no. I apologize. (Sighs) SCRAMBLE was really an ingenious idea. However, it was a failure because we did not fully know how SCP-096 worked. You see, as the chip inside SCRAMBLE picked up SCP-096’s facial features and began scrambling them, there was a split-second of uninterrupted light flow to the retina. Computers are fast, but not as fast as light. So, there was a split-second image of SCP-096’s direct face sent to the brain. It wasn’t even consciously received, but apparently it was enough to trigger the hostile reaction in SCP-096.
COMPLAINANT: So, with this report of the photograph…
DR. DAN: That’s the most disturbing part of this whole incident. You know when the former SCP-096-1 went on his mountain trip? 199█. That’s ██ years of that photo hanging there before he saw SCP-096. Since the brain doesn’t need to be aware that it is viewing SCP-096’s face to trigger the reaction, there can be ticking time bombs hidden literally anywhere in the world. How many photographs are out there containing SCP-096, just going unnoticed, waiting for a careful eye? As I said before, I want this thing terminated. Now.


COMPLAINANT: Just a quick question, doctor. Um, what exactly were you planning on doing there? Major Jack Wilford was top-notch SBS when we recruited him.
DR. DAN: I was also a Recon corpsman, sir, and was deployed in the Caucasus. Marines beat SBS.
COMPLAINANT: No, they don’t.
O5-█: Enough, both of you. Moving on.

Video interview log 096-1-D with Chief Master Sergeant ████, door gunner under Echo Romeo.


████: I got the bag over its head.
COMPLAINANT: Yes, you’ve told me that. Could you tell me exactly what transpired?
████: It… it was done with all its… It was sitting there, in the highway. Just got done ripping open a minivan.

(Interviewee is silent.)

████: I’m… Wes landed the chopper; I got out, and bagged it. I put the bag over its head. It got calm and they took it.
COMPLAINANT: So, the victims in the minivan were the last to have viewed SCP-096’s face?

(Interviewee is silent.)



COMPLAINANT: Chief Master Sergeant ████ remained silent for the remainder of the interview, and was released. He was later found in his bunkroom, having committed suicide via hanging with a makeshift rope. A half-crushed pacifier was found in his fist.

Video log 096-1-D, confiscated tape from CNN news broadcast.


The image shows first responders surrounding the remains of a crashed plane, over the shoulder of a field reporter.

REPORTER: The plane, which seems to be military in origin, has no outward markings designating it as part of the U.S. military. While first responders look for a black box recording, it is thought by police that the plane crashed due to a massive cabin breach in both the co*ckpit and fuselage.

(The reporter motions to a large hole in the side of the plane, which several firefighters are climbing inside.)

REPORTER: Paramedics have only found three bodies, which is odd for a plane apparently requiring a crew of around twenty men. Police have suggested——

The reporter looks up and the camera follows. Three Super Stallions are shown hovering overhead, two of which land nearby and begin unloading troops belonging to MTF-Epsilon.

(An operative approaches the film crew.)

REPORTER: Sir, excuse me. Sir? Could you tell us what’s happening here? Sir? Hey!
MTF-E-1: Shut off the camera. Shut off the motherf*cking——


Continuation of Interview 096-1-A:

DR. OLEKSEI: So are we finished here?
COMPLAINANT: One last question, doctor Oleksei. Or, statement, as it seems. We find it interesting that there was no break room at Research Site ██. Or coffee.

(Interviewee remains silent.)

COMPLAINANT: We think it would be best if you begin talking.

(Interview log is interrupted by Dr. Dan.)

DR. DAN: I don’t see what that has to do with me.
COMPLAINANT: There is no reason to play dumb, doctor. He’s told us everything.
DR. DAN: …Well then, I guess there’s no use feigning anything, is there?

[. . .]

Upon reviewing your testimony and available footage, and the confession of the late Dr. Oleksei, it is the unanimous agreement of the O5 that you are to be terminated, for your part in the gross breach of SCP-096——
DR. DAN: And I thought you would know the meaning of “For the greater good.”
O5-1: Do not try my patience, doctor. Given the incident’s scope and potential, the O5 have approved your request for the termination of SCP-096. Given the lack of personnel with understanding of SCP-096, the termination will be entrusted to you, under heavy guard and the personal supervision of me. Your own termination will be scheduled at a later date. Adjourned.

(O5 members leave the conference call and Ethics Committee members and all other participants rise and begin leaving the boardroom. A security officer begins to escort Dr. Dan away; they are approached by a young Committee member, Junior Researcher [REDACTED].)

JR RESEARCHER: That is horrible, doctor. How could you knowingly——
DR. DAN: It worked. There was only a matter of time until that happened in a major population center, and its face spread over the world news. I can kill 096… but I’ve killed myself in the process.

(The security officer leads Dr. Dan away.)


[the keycard being removed…]

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